Use the tools of the trade

By Mark Barlow, July 6, 2016

We’ve all done it, and we’ve probably wrecked our shoes or scissors in the process. Why? Because it seems too much trouble to reach for the toolbox. Maybe it’s in the garage. Maybe it’s raining outside. We struggle and make do, knowing that, in the end, the job would have been quicker, smoother and easier if we’d put the effort in and fetched that hammer or wire cutter.

The same thing happens with CRM systems. You’ve got one, but you don’t use it. Or if you do, you only use one little bit of its capability, because that’s what you’re familiar with. In our role, we often meet Sales Directors who have access to great software. It could help them to develop new markets and meet targets. It could help them to understand customer behaviour, trends and buying patterns, but it doesn’t. It’s like a full toolbox where only one screwdriver is ever used.

We think that’s a great shame. We hate waste and what’s being wasted here isn’t just resource – it’s potential. If the sales team aren’t making use of the CRM system, leads aren’t progressed and prospects are lost. Without accurate data, the wrong products can be promoted to the marketplace and that’s a real waste of energy and talent.

Which brings us back to the reason why that CRM system – the one you know makes sound business sense – isn’t being used. It’s the effort required to learn to make the best of it, to train the team, to explore its functionality and possibilities. The answer, to us, is simple: let’s remove the effort. Let’s connect that system with training and support that’s always relevant and there when the user needs it. Let’s add the messaging, the tips and the tricks that make using a CRM system rewarding and fun. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

No more shoes knocking nails in. No more scissors cutting wire. Use the right tool. Use your CRM system, because it works a lot better when you do.