Face up to the numbers

Blog article | By Mark Barlow, July 15, 2016

Salesforce customers see their revenue increase by an average of 37%, their lead volume grow by 44% and a rise in customer satisfaction of 45%*. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM software results in 21% more reps hitting their targets, a 31% percent higher hit rate and a 43% reduction in sales force turnover**.

It’s probably numbers like these that convinced you to look at your business processes and to invest in online workflow software. You’re in good company with this decision. The CRM industry is growing rapidly. In 2015, 91% of businesses with more than 10 employees were using CRM software. Smaller businesses aren’t far behind – 50% of them are on board with this effective way of working.

As you began your CRM journey, we’re guessing you had an implementation plan, a software adoption strategy and high hopes. Post implementation, we’d like to set you a small challenge. We’d like you to take a look at your own performance. Compare your dashboard to those numbers we’ve given you. No flinching now. No closing one eye or daring yourself to look. Just go for it.
Do you measure up? Remember – those numbers are averages. Some business performance will way exceed those numbers. Are you getting everything you can out of the platform you’re using? If not, what’s gone wrong? If you’re a CIO or CTO, at some point, sooner or later, you’ll be answering, not to us, but to the board.

In our experience, both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics have earned their market leading positions. Their ability to allow employees to work and collaborate anywhere and on any device is incredibly powerful. But unfortunately, many users fail to make the best of them. They simply do not learn to use all of their potential. Even if you had an adoption strategy, you may still be working at half speed.

If your stats aren’t up to scratch, we suggest you pause for a minute, ask yourselves some questions and then, when you’ve done that, talk to us.

* Salesforce customer relationship survey conducted by Confirmit Inc. Mar-May 2015.
** CSO Insights research.

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