The future’s coming – let’s welcome it

Blog article | By Mark Barlow, August 12, 2016

In a two-day event, hosted at the Palais des Congrès, the future of work will be shaped. If that sounds like a huge claim, then consider the fact that of the world’s top 100 revenue earning organisations, 72 will be represented. Those 72 organisations directly influence the working lives of 40 million people.

It is no surprise that these respected leaders and businesses recognise that their success is built upon their people, but by acknowledging the critical role of technology, they are also embracing a powerful, exciting future supported by digital capability. The conference aims to unleash potential, both from software and from human capital, and we’re proud to be doing our bit to help that happen.

With high levels of interest and investment in smart software that can drive performance, it is a crying shame that so much of it fails to deliver. Most projects falter because of low rates of adoption and poor levels of employee engagement, things we’ve prove, time and again, we have the power to remedy.

We’ll be in Paris, and we’re taking along our Adoption Theatre. We’ll be hosting a series of live talks and inviting delegates to make appointments to talk one-to-one with our adoption experts. We’ll be demonstrating the best of our powerful ADOPT™ platform and its ability to help manage change, understand employee motivation and respond to individual learning needs. At our Adoption Bar, we’ll be making sure that those organisations primed to utilise the most advanced business software in the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of a successful implementation.

We’re looking forward to Paris, and you should be too. Reserve your tickets at and help shape the future of work.

Change, change and yet more welcome change

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