Change, change and yet more welcome change

Blog article | By Beth Cooper, August 25, 2016

You could never accuse AppLearn of being change-averse. We’re excited about our brave digital future and its implications for the worlds of both commerce and leisure. Technology doesn’t stay fixed for more than a second. We’re used to change, and we love it, but our view of change isn’t universal. Sadly, many individuals and businesses get stuck with their old ways of working, either through reluctance to change or as a result of genuine difficulties getting to grips with SaaS software applications.

Our mission is to solve this problem – to welcome everyone to new ways of working – better ways of working that are both enjoyable and effective. Right now, we’re reinforcing that message with a new website which reflects where we are today. At a key point in our organic growth, it establishes us as the market leader in adoption software. We’ve pioneered the only product available that actually solves the issue of poor adoption. You don’t need to take our word for it, some of the world’s most successful companies and more than five million users are feeling the benefit. Our ADOPT platform is in use in 172 countries and in 34 languages. That’s not bad, but we’re a long way off satisfied. Our vision is a future where every organisation can reap the full rewards of their software implementations. We believe that every user – across the globe – should have access to the resources they need to support them as they change, develop and grow.

Our new site has separate pages for different strands of the ADOPT platform – pages for employees, project teams, and for details of our advanced analytics. We’ve got pages about our partnering programme, consultancy and our content creation service. The Insights section contains our views on current and emerging trends. These news and opinion pieces are designed to provoke dialogue and to get readers thinking. As a whole, the site is about AppLearn and ADOPT in their widest sense and is the perfect introduction to what we do, and to the motivations that drive us.

The best way to experience a new website isn’t to read about it. It’s to visit it. Pop over to now and see what we’ve been working on. We’d love your feedback. We believe the future should be easy to use for everyone and our new site is one more step towards that future.

The future’s coming – let’s welcome it
AppLearn at HR Tech Europe 2016

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