Blog article | By Beth Cooper, March 18, 2017

We’re sorry if you didn’t get along to the HR Tech Conference in Paris in the autumn. By the time that you read this, the chance to visit the London event might also have passed you by. Get the diary out, right now, and make a note of the next dates, but – as they always say on social media – ICYMI, we’ve put together a quick YouTube video to give you a flavour of the event. Watch the expressions on people’s faces. It’s interesting to see people getting to grips with issues, reacting to statistics and to the technology that’s changing the way we work.

That’s what HR Tech is all about, and although our purpose in attending was to drive home the critical importance of software adoption, we ourselves were impressed by many of the products on offer and the outstanding mix of speakers left us all with a lot to think about.

HR Tech is a heavyweight in terms of valuable content. It attracts the most engaging and free-thinking keynotes and companies at the cutting edge of technological development, but it still manages to be a relaxed and ultimately inspiring event.

Work is changing, attitudes are changing, but the desire to discover new and better ways of doing things seems to be a fundamental part of being human. Another fundamental part of being human is a strong desire to catch up on the good stuff we’ve missed. Hence our video. Hence our reminder to check the HR Tech calendar.

ICYMI here’s that glimpse of HR Tech Paris on YouTube.

HR Tech World dates for 2017:

London                 21-22 March 2017

San Francisco     14-15 June 2017

Amsterdam        24-25 October 2017

If the world was listening, what would you say?
Asking the questions at HR Tech World, London

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