Asking the questions at HR Tech World, London

Blog article | By Beth Cooper, April 3, 2017

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to survey the delegates attending HR Tech World’s London event last week. After all, these gatherings are chock full of people passionate about one of our key interests – the use of smart software to manage human capital. HR Tech World gave us both the ideal demographic and a captive audience.

We knew, however, that, with masses to learn, see and do, no attendee would want to spend ages filling in a lengthy, complex questionnaire. Reluctantly, we restricted ourselves to three simple questions:

Why do employees struggle with software?

31% – Changing process people are used to is hard

19% – Changing behaviour is hard

19% – The software isn’t user friendly

19% – All of the above

12% – Other reasons or no answer.

No surprises here – change is still the biggest issue.  We all know that we get stuck in habits, and that fear of change is a genuine issue, but perhaps more worrying was the comment by the 19 per cent of those questioned who said that the software wasn’t user-friendly – a stark message for the developers.

Without being dismissive of these issues, it is fair to say that AppLearn’s technology can help to address all of them.

What are the best support channels for SaaS applications?

41% – Helpdesk

28% – Intranet

16% – Forum

9% – Others

6% – No answer.

What our survey didn’t ask was how well these support channels dealt with the issues. This would, of course, have added a lot more complexity to the survey. We know, for example, that helpdesks can be costly to run and sometimes slow to respond, and it can take hours of fruitless searching on forums before finding the help you need.

Next time, we’ll ask this question: “How would you like instant, online help for your specific issue?”

How do you measure the value from your HR software investment?

50% – Don’t measure

31% – The application’s analytics

  9% – Anecdotal /employee feedback

  9% – Other methods or no answer.

Half of investors don’t bother to measure the value – a finding that seems crazy when at some point the justification for the investment must have included some detail of anticipated returns.

Without measurement, there’s no way of knowing that all the capabilities of the software are being used – or used effectively. In some ways, this is the most worrying of all our results: if organisations fail to measure, is it because they fear the results? The software they promoted, budgeted for –  and invested in – isn’t quite delivering, and the simplest approach is to keep quiet about it? Food for thought.

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