Enhance your HR processes with ADOPT for CoreHR

ADOPT is the industry leading Digital Adoption Platform.

Streamline your HR software with ADOPT, increasing user adoption by assisting employees directly within CoreHR, providing tailored, on-demand training and support.

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How ADOPT supports CoreHr

  • User-specific support: Provide users with bespoke, multilingual support ensuring your employees make the most out of CoreHR
  • On-demand training: ADOPT supports your users directly within CoreHR, improving the employee experience and increasing productivity
  • Ensure user integration: Adoption analytics and user feedback allow you to locate and resolve employee specific training issues

One seamless cloud platform designed to help users ADOPT your digital transformation initiative.

Built around the modern learner, connect and upskill users so they are prepared to embrace your new business transformation and the tools and processes that come with it.

See how ADOPT can fit around your business.

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