The Costly Failures of SaaS

Your Business is Wasting Money on Software

Many organisations are moving to cloud-based software, but unsuccessful adoption is causing 75% of these projects to fail.

We are investing heavily in software

In 2016

The worldwide market for SaaS software was worth

$33.4 billion
By 2019

The projection stands at more than double that...

$67.2 billion
But these investments aren't paying off

Enterprises waste $400 billion a year on digital projects which fail due to misjudged business transformation strategies.

This spending is a black hole that businesses often blame on the software itself, but the reality isn’t that simple.

Why are so many Business Transformation projects failing?

  • A Lack of Adoption Strategy:

    27% of organisations said that their business leaders don’t have the skills to deliver the right strategy for transformation projects, focusing on implementation rather than adoption.

  • Outdated Training and Communication

    80% of organizations still rely on “one-way communication tools” (such as in-person training sessions) for learning.

  • Overwhelmed Support Teams

    57% of service desks struggle with increased queries when new software is introduced, but less than a third plan to increase staff numbers.

The software isn't brokenOur businesses are

As long as companies continue to focus on delivering technology instead of creating the right environment for end users, transformation projects will regularly fail. We all need to change, fast.


Supporting theModern Learner

Before we can implement the right environment and set appropriate initiatives, we need to understand how today’s employees work and learn.

Modern Learners are:


30% of full-time employees do most of their work outside of their employer’s location


Half of employees use online training courses, 70% use search engines for answers to issues


80% of workplace learning happens via talking to peers on the job


62% of IT professionals have paid out for their own training

Fixing our relationship with the Cloud


80% of workplace learning happens via talking to peers on the job

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“The most dangerous belief for any software company today is that the solution to their adoption problem lies in better software engineering. The solution to problems of adoption is not a better product, but a focus on barriers to adoption.” - Stephen O’Grady, author of The Software Paradox.

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