For Go-Live

A Go-Live strategy is critical for positive first impressions. Ensure a smooth project launch with ADOPT.

  • Automate and accelerate onboarding with on-demand in-application training.
  • User Feedback to ensure your change communication and training strategy is on track.
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With ADOPT for Go-Live.

Automate software onboarding for users with support delivered on-demand

Give your users all the tools that they need to self-serve their own success with in-application, on-demand access to training and upskilling.

Communicate change and process best practice with ADOPT Smart Pages for easy on-demand communication.

Results that matter with ADOPT


Adoption of a system users were struggling to understand

ADOPT's embedded tutorials increased user adoption across our system almost instantly

Fiona Fieldhouse, Comms & Ops Leader, Mercer

A multi-app digital adoption platform to increase user adoption

Fulfilling the need for on-demand support at ease. A multi-app software platform, designed to help users at the point of need.

ADOPT makes business software simple, straight-forward and smarter, with a suite of in-app and out of app tools, that deliver and guide a user’s journey through any SaaS application.

Notify your workforce with ADOPT Smart Pages

Today’s millennial workforce rely on just-in-time, on-demand communication. Smart Pages are high impact cards which can be leveraged to appear at any time in an application.

Ease software processes and system changes with clear, concise announcements.

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Train your staff in-app with ADOPT Split Screen

Split Screen allows your users to work and learn collaboratively, with training delivered directly inside the application, accelerating user onboarding and reducing support tickets.

Hold employee engagement with bite-sized multimedia training content like video and PDFs.

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Follow up your employee training with ADOPT Surveys

The survey tool can be used to gain a deeper understanding of end-user perceptions and feelings about internal topics.

Ensure that you gain a sufficiently diverse set of responses by establishing and searching defined groups within your database. Share surveys using the communication tool or publish them to your intranet or other internal channels.

Keep up-to-date on your project development with ADOPT Core Analytics

ADOPT’s Core Analytics leverages our purpose built data architecture to bring all of your adoption data together in one consolidated place.

Get a visual summary of your information, from content performance to user responses, side by side. Identify trends and opportunities in your communication, training and feedback data to improve subsequent actions.

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One seamless cloud platform designed to help users ADOPT your digital transformation initiative. Built around the modern learner, connect and upskill users so they are prepared to embrace your new business transformation and the tools and processes that come with it.

See how ADOPT can fit around your business.

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