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Ensuring employees have the necessary support is vital to the success of your digital transformation. By integrating next-generation training and a comprehensive Go-Live strategy, you can accelerate user onboarding and upskilling ensuring a smooth project launch.

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Accelerate success
with Go-Live training
and support

“90% of training is forgotten after one month.”
The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

You can no longer rely on outdated support methods such as classroom training, webinars and mass email. These methods only result in low user adoption and poor ROI.

By utilizing a comprehensive Go-Live strategy that uses next-generation forms of support such as a Digital Adoption Platform you can accelerate user onboarding, ensuring success from day one.

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ADOPT is the leading Digital Adoption Platform that ensures users have support tailored to their role, language, and location.

By utilizing ADOPT’s suite of in-application and out-of-application modules you can ensure users have the necessary training and support available when undertaking new tasks and processes, allowing employees to make the most out of the software.

Manage digital content
with Content Cloud

Welcome to the next generation of content management where you can distribute all your training and support content from one secure location.

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In-application support content with Split Screen

Work and learn simultaneously with training and support directly within the application, accelerating user onboarding and reducing support tickets.

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Accelerate process completion with Trails

Your step-by-step personal assistant, guiding employees through complicated processes directly within the application, accelerating task completion and increasing data quality.

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One seamless cloud platform designed to help users adopt your digital transformation initiative.
Built around the modern learner, connect and upskill users so they are prepared to embrace your new business transformation and the tools and processes that come with it.

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