The numbers don’t lie and it’s safe to say that there are no signs of the pace of investment in Digital Transformation slowing anytime soon.

The question is why is Digital Transformation Adoption one of the hottest topics right now?
Users are creatures of habit and become comfortable with the platforms they’ve grown to love. With the rapid pace of change that’s occurring today when it comes to new platforms, devices, and apps, it’s difficult to stay open-minded about new technologies—and even harder to integrate them into everyday working life.

What does digital adoption look like now and how will it become more important in the future? As technology shelf life continues to shorten. Should organizations be more proactive in the face of changing devices and application usage?

Director of Product Strategy, Andrew Barlow met with LeapGen CEO Jason Averbook to discuss the Future of Digital Transformation Adoption. What three pieces of advice can Jason give to organizations embarking on a Digital Transformation project?

“The first piece of advice is all around that equation of success. Which is 45% people and 45% process, 10% technology and make sure you structure your Digital Transformation project and your program in a way that reflects that equation for success.”

“The second is realizing that this is an ongoing, perpetual beta and a new way of thinking. It’s a DNA model that I’m inserting into an organization that says we are going to roll out digital capabilities period. We’re going to constantly innovate, we’re gonna put in place the governance (The bad G-word) to make sure we are all on the same page and realize that employees don’t care about the silos we’ve built HR in. They care about one view into how they get things done, so that second thing is how do I realize that this is the DNA of the company today and that it’s an ongoing perpetual beta.”

“We’ve got this amazing car that we’re going to start moving with and I need to make sure that I’m leveraging it to where I’m taking my organization.”

“The third thing that I’d say is probably most important to me Is Go-Live = Go Begin. When you’re live that’s actually when the fun starts. That’s when you should start measuring value, that’s when you should start to say we need to get new people involved. We need to get new ideas going. We need to have additional capabilities etcetera. Go live doesn’t mean thank god, I gained 30 pounds, I got divorced, I started smoking. Now I can go back to my normal life because we’re live and we’re going to let this thing die. Go live, it needs to equal go begin. When I really start to turn up the volume, step on the gas and say guys, we have a Ferrari. We’ve got this amazing car that we’re going to start moving with and I need to make sure that I’m leveraging it to where I’m trying to take my organization. So, the third thing is Go Live = Go begin.”

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About Jason Averbook

Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of LeapGen, he is a leading analyst, thought leader, consultant and keynote speaker in the area of human resources, the future of work and the impact technology has on that future. He has more than 20 years of experience in the HR and technology industry and has worked with industry-leading global companies to help them transform their HR organizations into strategic partners. In 2005, Jason co-founded Knowledge Infusion LLC and sold the company in 2015 to Appirio (now a Wipro Company). He served as the Chief Business Innovation Officer at Appirio Inc where led Appirio’s human capital management business. Most recently, Jason was the CEO of The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) from 2014 to 2016.