I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I need a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) before my software’s launched?”

For organizations looking to hit the ground running and ensure success from day one, having next-generation support in place during the Pre-Go-Live isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

People have a natural resistance to change, and if you don’t overcome that before your Go-Live, the onboarding process will without a doubt be challenging.

70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their goals largely due to employee resistance.”

McKinsey & Company

Without the right training and communications before the launch of the software, employee disengagement and increased support tickets will be an inevitability.

Why traditional communications won’t work

Sending mass emails to communicate change used to be the quickest and most effective way to inform employees.

This is no longer the case.

On average employees receive 121 emails every day; our day-to-day lives have been consumed by unwanted and intrusive emails.

As a result, we have become an email immune society.

Now your urgent emails communicating the mass change that will completely revolutionize tasks and processes are lost in an inbox full to the brim with other “urgent” messages.

In addition to the lack of consumption, traditional communications face a lack of personalization.

It’s crucial to remember, change won’t affect every employee in the same way.

For example, your digital transformation won’t impact HR in the same way as Sales.

Each stakeholder group will have their own questions and concerns which if not answer can turn to fear and resistance.

Resistance to change will not only reduce user adoption, but it will significantly increase support costs and time.

How a Digital Adoption Platform helps

A Digital Adoption Platform provides the necessary next-generation support needed to prepare and excite users for the upcoming change.

Push communications

By providing multimedia communications both outside the application and within the application, you can ensure users have access to compelling content.

In addition to making the most out of communication channels, a Digital Adoption Platform also tracks the consumption.

By tracking content consumption, you can measure the engagement, allowing you to enhance your strategic decision making.

If a specific message is not consumed, you now have the data to resend that message to ensure users receive it.

Bespoke communications

Personalized communications can be the difference between employees either ignoring the message or preparing for the digital transformation.

When the messaging is tailored to each user, you can answer their questions and ease their worries.

A Digital Adoption Platform will send your employees communications based on their job role, language, and region. Tailoring your support and communications ensures your entire workforce has what they need.

Gather feedback

Our Digital Adoption Platform, ADOPT, can gather user feedback allowing you to measure enterprise-wide readiness for change.

Gathering feedback supports the organization by providing invaluable insights into the employee mindset.

Use the information gathered to locate employee-specific challenges and resolve them before they become an issue, ensuring a smoother launch and successful change.


A Digital Adoption Platform does not only have a place once the software is live. By improving your preparations, you can maximize ROI from day one.

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