ADOPT Datasheet

Solution Overview: ADOPT

ADOPT is a unified Digital Adoption Solution designed to improve the use of new and existing technology at every stage of the user journey. It supports your employees with on-demand training and contextual communications, inside and outside the applications they use every day. Built around optimizing the experience of today’s workforce, ADOPT prepares people for change by providing the tools and support required for a successful digital transformation, and beyond.

ADOPT provides access to the right information at the right time to speed up processes, improve accuracy and enable true software adoption. At any point in your project, ADOPT ensures you maximize the value from your investment by empowering and upskilling your people.

Introducing ADOPT’s suite of modules

Split Screen:
Embed training and support materials within the application, ensuring users have the relevant content and instructions on screen when performing tasks.

Smart Pages:
Quickly and easily spin up dedicated web pages as content knowledge hubs for your users, based on language, role and location. It can also deliver pop up messages directly within the application to guide and educate users.

Step-by-step guidance directly within the application to help users through tasks and processes, dramatically improving accuracy, time to complete and success rates.

Content Cloud:
Manage your content and playlists in one central location, with an intuitive tagging system that allows the right content to be displayed at the right time.

Collect valuable information that helps you understand readiness and evaluate against your success measures, utilizing rapid distribution to collect feedback quickly across multiple devices.

Training Pages:
Quickly build a dedicated learning environment, providing comprehensive training and support resources to your users at their point of need.

Core Analytics:
Draw upon actionable intelligence to evaluate content consumption trends, identifying how, when and why your groups use each application module, pinpointing adoption successes and challenges.

Advanced Analytics:
Measure impact and value to optimize your ADOPT experience. By integrating with your IT service desk and incorporating data directly from your applications, you get a true picture of performance.

How ADOPT can benefit your organization

– Maximize employee productivity
– Reduce IT support costs via ticket deflection
– Accelerate speed to value and uptake of software deployments
– Improve data quality, accuracy and completion rates
– Reduce software total cost of ownership
– Measure application  adoption and engagement
– Reduce project risk
– Improve the effectiveness of internal communications

An example of how ADOPT supports the digital transformation journey

The following product modules may be used at multiple stages of the project.

Supported vendors

ADOPT seamlessly integrates with the most commonly used cloud applications, including:

Workday                                    SAP Ariba

ServiceNow                              Oracle HCM Cloud

SAP SuccessFactors              Salesforce Classic

Cornerstone                             Salesforce Lightning

Lumesse                                  Kronos

CoreHR                                     SAP ERP Cloud

MetricStream                           Ultimate Software


About AppLearn

AppLearn is a global software provider that has pioneered the importance of digital adoption for the last decade. This deep experience of digital change and transformation led to ADOPT, the leading Digital Adoption Solution. This world-leading solution supports global workforces not only with embracing and using new technology, but also with the change of culture, strategy, behavior, processes and skills.

ADOPT enables enterprise-wide change by providing modern and contextual digital training, in-application support and advanced usage analytics. We specialize in supporting enterprises throughout their implementation, from the planning to Go-Live and ongoing experience optimization.