AppLearn Audio Panel: Digitizing Change Management

Podcast | By Beth Cooper, October 25, 2017

Join us for a new series of discussions with leaders in world of HR and Change Management

In this episode, we are joined by Margaret Ruiseal (Head of HR Transformation Practice at Mercer), Niraj Varia (Director of HR at Cushman & Wakefield) and Aaron Alburey (Founder & CEO at Lace Partners) to discuss perspectives on the impact that modern Digital Transformation projects are having on the way that businesses approach Change Management.

Businesses are continuing to invest heavily in digitally transforming their organizations. The Digital Transformation market alone is set to be worth $2tn by 2020 (IDC). With the speed and scale of software implementations increasing at a drastic rate, businesses are pressured to react to the demand to implement feature rich, highly complex technologies faster than ever before. This pressure questions whether traditional processes for change management, communication, training and support are fit for purpose and more importantly sustainable in line with business and software change.

This challenge is not just something that clients are facing alone, it’s also a conundrum that both vendors and systems implementers alike are having to address as well.

The need for sustainable solutions to these challenges has grown out of the learnings from early cloud transformation projects. Organisations realized that their communication, training and support strategies need to accommodate their future users that they have not yet hired, and will one day need to engage with their existing technologies and processes – whilst accommodating constant change for regular users.

What is the answer? What are our panels observations? Listen to find out.

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Are businesses ready to deal with digital change?
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