Success Story: King’s College London

King’s College London is one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions in England, ranking among the top 25 universities  worldwide. Sue Foster, Programme Director, Digital Services Transformation, has been working closely with AppLearn® and is responsible for introducing a whole new suite of digital services to the King’s College London workforce.

What are the challenges of a large-scale digital transformation project?

The biggest challenge that all organizations face is the speed digital transformation is expected to happen.

The pressure digital transformation puts on people is enormous, and if not handled correctly, will only result in low productivity and increased costs. When you’re trying to get people to adopt a new service, it’s really important that you capture their attention early on.

We implemented the ADOPT platform because of its Smart Pages module; you can target specific employees who need to adopt your technology with engaging messaging that users can pick up quickly and follow a link directly to the application.

What is your strategy for introducing ADOPT?

Typically, when I’ve worked on projects before it’s all been about time and costs. These constraints often place unrealistic deadlines on digital transformation projects, hindering success and ROI. At King’s College London, the most important factor for our project is quality and how we can ensure people are ready to adopt the new technology.

We’ve taken a much more phased approach to the plan that will roll things out gradually, ensuring that people adopt each service as we roll it out.

How are you using ADOPT Pre-Go-Live?

As with most technology projects, the people element is often underestimated. At the heart of the project, people have to use your system.

We’re using ADOPT to incentivize individuals to use the new service, supporting new behaviors while also motivating users.

I would challenge anyone to successfully implement a piece of technology without a Digital Adoption Platform.”

– Sue Foster – Programme Director, Digital Services Transformation
at King’s College London

How do you plan to use ADOPT at Go-Live?

One of the most important things for us at Go-Live is to provide a great all around experience. We’ll use multi-format tools within ADOPT to achieve this, video is a huge part of how we will deliver this experience while also utilizing Smart Pages to capture users at crucial points.

A lot of the tools ADOPT provides will allow us to engage people, getting them into the system, and ensuring the software is utilized to its full potential.

How can ADOPT support your Post-Go-Live digital transformation?

One of the exciting features within ADOPT is Split Screen.

Split Screen supports users within the application by providing crucial support directly at their fingertips.

Another great feature is the Core Analytics module. Core Analytics provides crucial adoption data around how long someone has been in the application, how much time they’re spending on tasks, and if they are stuck within the application, all this information is fantastic as we can use it to improve the user experience.

“I would challenge anyone to successfully implement a piece of technology without a Digital Adoption Platform.” – Sue Foster, Programme Director, Digital Services Transformation, King’s College London