Use case: External training portals vs. in-application training

The majority of organizations AppLearn® engage with have a pre-existing external training portal to support their end-users.

However, external training portals pose a variety of issues with regard to end-user adoption:

1. External training portals provide generic content that fails to consider the end user’s role, language or location.

2. End users must leave the software to access support from external training portals. As a result, time-to-resolution increases and task  completion rates reduce.

3. Organizations are unable to learn and understand their employee training pain-points with external portals as they do not track engagement or collect feedback.

Next generation support

ADOPT ensures that training and communications are contextualized, providing trackable and on-demand support, tailored to the user’s specific needs. This ensures that only the relevant information is presented to users at their point-of-need.

The result

Using information recorded through our Advanced Analytics module, we compared the data from a company with 20,000 external portal users and a company with 23,000 ADOPT users.

User engagement was 1,352% higher among ADOPT users in comparison to their external training portal counterparts. The increased engagement is a result of the on-demand, in-application support ADOPT provided.

The improved training and support increased task completion rates, improved user productivity and significantly reduced costly IT help desk support tickets.