We’ll help you get close to the future of work at HR Tech World

Blog article | By Beth Cooper, October 18, 2017

In a few days’ time, we’re heading to Amsterdam to play our part in the best HR show there is – HR Tech World. We’re excited and we’re anticipating the usual HR Tech mix of outstanding speakers, innovative thinkers and curious, engaged delegates. But we’ve got a mission – to drive home the critical importance of adoption to the success of any digital transformation project.

We’ll be playing a key part in the Adoption Track at the event. As well as our stand, we’ll be taking part in panel discussions and exploring why organisations repeatedly invest in new technologies without ensuring the culture is in place to ensure success. The nature of our workforce is changing, and the user is now a self-starter, used to using tech in all aspects of their life, but all too often training methods are outdated and the user must wait for a helpdesk response when they need support. This disconnect between technologies, users and cultures is limiting the potential for digital transformation and costing business millions.

We know it doesn’t have to be that way, and what’s more, we have the solution.

If you’re heading to HR Tech World in Amsterdam, we hope to see you there. We’re sure you’ll come away from the event fired-up with ideas and enthusiasm, but we also hope you’ll take the time to attend talks in the Adoption Track. If your investment in new technologies is going to create genuine change in your organisation, you shouldn’t ignore what we’ve got to say.

See you in Amsterdam.

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