Use case: Increase user understanding of change initiatives

Electrolux, the industry-leading home appliance manufacturer embarked on a global digital transformation project implementing Cornerstone  and the ADOPT platform simultaneously to 23,000 users. Their project, ‘Talent One’ was the first ever HR Talent Management suite in Electrolux and was implemented to drive standardization, digitalization and ensure people processes were housed in one place.

The issue

While users understood how to use Cornerstone, adoption issues arose when employees didn’t understand why they had to use it. As a result, vital business initiatives were being ignored, and the positive business benefits from Cornerstone were not being achieved due to people not using the software.

Next generation support

The ADOPT platform supported the 23,000 Cornerstone users, using the Split Screen module to convey the purpose and benefits of ‘Talent One’ directly within the Cornerstone application, creating a positive perception towards the change. ADOPT’s Core Analytics module was used to track  employee engagement with content, providing real-time data to enhance strategic decisions.

The result

User engagement rapidly increased among employees who consumed ADOPT content. Employees who engaged with ADOPT utilized Cornerstone 51% more, spending twice as many days in Cornerstone, interacting with 123% more Cornerstone pages and spending in total 179% longer in Cornerstone opposed to their counterparts.

Thanks to ADOPT the enterprise-wide change project was successful. Users were transformed from simply knowing how to use Cornerstone, to fully understanding what the benefits were and why they were using it.