Use case: Increasing manager self-service

A global investment bank and financial services provider headquartered in London, United Kingdom implemented SAP SuccessFactors across 130,000 end users in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

The issue

During an internal review of SAP SuccessFactors it was discovered that parts of the system were difficult to navigate and that help on certain  processes was hard to find. As a result, employee productivity was low and critical HR processes were not being completed. They needed a strategy to improve system usage and employee perception.

Next generation support

ADOPT was introduced to push training and support content to users to drive engagement. AppLearn®’s CREATE team designed bespoke videos and a selection of how-to guides to target the issues identified. This content was  hosted within ADOPT and made available on-demand to end users in multiple languages.

The result

As a direct result of ADOPT, there were significant improvements with user engagement, process completion and quality of data input into SAP  SuccessFactors. The volume of transactions undertaken by line managers increased considerably with the average time to complete these processes dramatically reducing. Key processes saw an increase in engagement of over 81% for line managers and 19% for employees.

Using the ADOPT Platform helped initiate a positive change in business culture with an increase in the number of managers self-serving. This increase was due to managers understanding why, when and how to complete the business processes expected of their role.