Use case: Increasing manager self-service

Electrolux, a global home appliance manufacturer embarked on a HR transformation, implementing Cornerstone OnDemand. For the transformation, five Cornerstone modules were implemented: Recruitment, Learning, Performance, Succession and Compensation to 23,000 employees.

The issue

Once in the Post-Go-Live phase, it became apparent that a high percentage of users were not engaging with the new software. User adoption needed to be tackled quickly to achieve the full business benefits of Cornerstone.  Business elements such as company culture, behavior and strategy needed to be considered to achieve transformation success.

Next generation support

ADOPT introduced Split Screen, Smart Pages and Core Analytics modules to upskill and support employees while also measuring user adoption. ADOPT aimed to increase productivity and provide consistent support, ensuring that employees engaged with the new software.

ADOPT provided employees with targeted communications and training within Cornerstone. The impact of ADOPT was recorded through the Core Analytics module.

The result

Over two months, 85% of users interacted with the ADOPT training content. Users created 54,000 training sessions and viewed the content over 6,000 times in 32 countries. Without ADOPT, the only option would have been to direct support requests to the IT help desk. The overall cost of support tickets that would have been required to answer these queries would have totaled almost $50,000.