One question with four solutions

Blog article | By Beth Cooper, March 6, 2017

We often hear the statement that mathematics is beautiful. It doesn’t have the grey areas of other disciplines. If there is a problem, there is a single solution. Clean and simple.

Ultimately, everything in the universe can be reduced to mathematical principles, but most of the time we’re working at a different level. And when we’re not reducing everything in our experience to a formula, then it’s highly likely there will be more than one answer to a question.

As an example, let’s ask a question very close to our hearts: why do business transformation projects fail? Is there one single answer to this question? Of course not, and already, answers should be flooding into your brain: lack of planning, poor choices, scarce resources, fear of change, et cetera. When you start to dig deeper, however, you get closer to the detail, and there’s a key theme that runs through most failed SaaS implementation projects – poor rates of adoption.

We’ve made software adoption our passion and our priority. We’ve developed an answer – ADOPT, a powerful platform that enables organisations to fully exploit the potential of their investment. But it’s important to realise that ADOPT isn’t one solution – it’s four.

Products like Cornerstone®, SuccessFactors®, Workday® and Salesforce® aren’t identical, so a single solution couldn’t possibly fit them all. That’s why we’ve tailored ADOPT to work perfectly alongside each of these well-known HCM and CRM systems. If you use ADOPT for Workday® you’ll find it different to ADOPT for SuccessFactors® and that’s exactly as it should be – we wouldn’t dream of bodging together a poorly fitting answer to a specific question.

But put the specifics aside for a moment, because there are common problems with conventional implementation strategies – whatever the software. Today’s employees are used to a responsive digital environment. They’re self-starters, curious and impatient. Traditional user-guides, scheduled training sessions and classroom-based learning doesn’t work anymore. User champions move on, make mistakes and perpetuate problems. New recruits are left behind, unsupported, shown the ropes by those who don’t understand them.

Each individual ADOPT solution addresses the common problems in the most appropriate way for that software product. Each works from the initial planning and pre-go-live stages right through to the advanced user experience.  Each works to engage, motivate and inspire users. Each, by ensuring adoption success, drives forward improvements in your business performance.

The business change process has one major problem – poor adoption rates. ADOPT has four tailored solutions and one very positive outcome – improved returns on your investment.

To find out more about ADOPT’s four solutions talk to sales: +44 (0) 8455 20 20 80

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