Addressing the $900 billion post-project training gap

Blog article | By Anthony Wolny, November 29, 2018

Businesses have spent $1.3 trillion on digital transformation in 2018, purchasing the best software and hiring the most experienced consultants.

However, we see it time and time again, once the new software is “up and running” organizations pull the plug on their training and communications budget, relying on costly support desks rather than addressing the issue.

Organizations have the perception that the software is so intuitive, employees won’t require further training.

This misconception has resulted in $900 billion of lost investment in 2018 alone.

If organizations want to ensure they fully capitalize on the benefits of their investment, they must provide post-project support.

Why relying on software intuitiveness will be the downfall of your project

By relying on the intuitiveness of the software and ignoring the need for post-project training, businesses are hindering their success.

If your employees don’t understand how to use the software, they will never fully utilize it, significantly lowering ROI.

Digital transformation projects affect a lot more than just software; changes in behavior, skills, culture, processes, and strategy are all critical to DX success.

Because of this, no matter how intuitive the software is, achieving high user adoption requires continuous training and support.

How you can guarantee success post-project

A next-generation approach to training is needed.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve found that 90% of training is forgotten after a month, to combat this, consistent training and support is needed Post-Go-Live.

The most effective way to provide support post-project is next-generation training tools such as Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) so that employees can self-serve their own success.

When Siemens implemented the ADOPT solution during their digital transformation, the on-demand, in-application training was not only fundamental for success but, it also saved 367 days’ worth of training.

The cost saving for Siemens was enormous due to the on-demand support; as it would have cost a huge amount to take employees out of the office for traditional classroom training.

Adopting the next generation of training can be the difference between achieving a successful ROI and benefits realization or wasting an enormous amount of budget.

It is fundamental to success that the correct training and support is provided post-project.

For more information on how on-demand training and communications can support your project post-implementation, view our case studies below.

View our case studies


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