Trillions of dollars are being invested in digital transformation every year.

Organizations are investing a huge amount into training and onboarding but, they are still not achieving a sustainable transformation.

Most projects go through a roller coaster of benefits and challenges where their project’s ROI is continuously up and down.

Why are organizations struggling to maintain long-term value?

Organizations are investing a considerable amount of budget into traditional training methods during the launch of their software.

This is not a sustainable solution.

Methods such as classroom training already result in huge costs and poor software adoption.

During classroom training, employees are removed from the workplace, and most of the training is not retained.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve found that 90% of training is forgotten after a month.

To add the final nail in the coffin, not only are traditional training methods ineffective, they are also not in place for new employees joining the organization post-implementation.

How do new employees get their support?

When new employees join the business, they don’t receive the same initial training and support.

If current employees who go through an entire week of training still struggle to utilize the software, how will employees who have no training fare?

The answer is not well.

Instead, the costly and timely IT help desk has become the support method of choice.

New employees must submit a ticket to the IT help desk for tasks as simple as booking a day off because they were not shown how to do it.

These “simple” queries result in lower productivity and additional support costs as employees must wait for a response and the IT help desk must resolve the issue.

With the average support ticket costing $16 with the possibility of reaching upwards of $50, the simple support request can cost the business a considerable amount.

What is the solution?

No longer can you rely on traditional training and support methods.

While there may already be a sunken cost in the existing support network, an overhaul is needed.

Consider implementing a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that can provide support Post-Go-Live.

A DAP does as it says, whether your employee is old or new, it will help them adopt the software.

By utilizing bespoke, in-application training and targeted support relevant to the employee’s role, location, and language you can ensure higher productivity and user adoption.

This next-generation support results in a much more sustainable transformation as employees have support when and where they need it.

This eliminates unnecessary support tickets, drops in productivity and confusion among new employees.


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