Use case: Reduce service desk tickets

A world renowned software company embarked on a global digital transformation of their HCM initiatives, implementing Cornerstone to 3,000 employees across three continents.

The issue

The implementation was a significant process shift from the multiple previous systems in use. After launch, most employees managed to use and engage with the software but only understood a small number of features, and were therefore not fully realizing its benefits. This poor software  adoption led to an elevated number of IT service desk tickets resulting in significant business costs and decreased productivity.

An initiative was put in place to tackle this issue and reduce support tickets cost by $70,000. To validate this initiative as successful, 3,330
support tickets would need to be diverted.

Next generation support

ADOPT was implemented to help users complete complex processes and offer support from within Cornerstone. ADOPT Smart Pages provided on-demand, tailored support that enhanced user understanding. The support  provided was further contextualized by language, role and location, ensuring user-specific support was always available within the application.

The result

Once ADOPT was introduced, a significant drop in IT service desk tickets was recognized. Smart Pages were viewed 17,500 times equating to 4,600 tickets being deflected. The added support ADOPT provided resulted in a  saving of $100,000 and over-achieved on the support ticket deflection target by 136%.