Use case: Saving costs by delivering the right training

A leading American Pharmaceutical company embarked on a digital transformation project with the aim of moving 73,000 employees from multiple historic HCM systems and consolidating them on Workday®. As part of the transformation, they planned a phased roll out of the HCM Core, Talent, Performance and Compensation modules.

The issue

During the planning phase of the project, it was decided that printed manuals and classroom sessions would be used to upskill users. However, the client was advised by a similar company who had recently completed a digital transformation that this strategy could limit project success. More importantly, continuous training, on-boarding and driving user adoption into Post-Go-Live needed to be considered to ensure high adoption levels in Workday.

Next generation support

AppLearn provided employee support from the very beginning of the project through ADOPT.  AppLearn also created content to be pushed out through ADOPT in over 20 languages to assist users in understanding the new HR strategy, expectations and business processes. ADOPT Core Analytics was integral to the Workday implementation as this enabled the project team to continually track adoption of Workday and create adoption interventions to solve user issues.

The result

ADOPT provided users with contextual training and communication directly inside the Workday application. In the year following the project,  in-application content views totalled 373,000, equalling almost 2,500 days of continuous training. In comparison, classroom training sessions would have cost at least $350,000.

Additionally, by utilizing ADOPT’s Core Analytics, the client identified how users learned the best, ensuring adoption remained high throughout the period. By examining language and content type preferences, an annual saving of $100,000 was made purely from optimizing the employee  experience and diverting IT service desk calls.