If we have a bee in our bonnet, it’s about the fact that so many digital transformation projects fail to deliver expected returns. It bothers us because we have the solution.

We’ve made it our mission to promote the adoption message at every opportunity. Last week, at HR Tech World in Amsterdam, we gathered the evidence that the message is getting through.

HR Tech World, by its very nature, is a gathering of those with an interest in the future of work. Amongst the attendees were those contemplating digital transformation projects, those with implementations already in progress and those just exploring possibilities. We decided this was an ideal mix of people for a survey and posed a few key questions about their experience. We’ll sum up the responses in a moment, but what was striking about the results was the very clear indication that adoption can be a real challenge and that smart solutions, like our ADOPT digital platform, are needed.

Firstly, we asked whether delegates had either seen or experienced for themselves, problems with the adoption of HR or other platforms such as CRM software. 75 percent of those we asked said yes. We’re not surprised by this statistic – it echoes the 75 percent of projects which, according to Gartner research, don’t meet expectations.

Our second question concerned training. Well over two-thirds agreed that more modern tools were necessary. It’s perhaps interesting to note that this desire for better, more-responsive training tools sits alongside software that is supposed to be intuitive and which has dedicated walkthrough tools. What the platform developers offer simply isn’t enough. It doesn’t accommodate the diverse needs of users with varying degrees of digital literacy, different social structures and learning styles.
The responses to our final question were very encouraging. Again, there was a clear result, but this time the news was good. Eight in ten of those we asked knew what a digital adoption platform was and understood how it might help. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to talk to those delegates who were still in the dark.

We have still got a long way to go. The appetite for digital transformation is undimmed, but people are at last realising the scale of the challenge. Naturally, with modern training tools and a superb adoption platform in ADOPT, we’re ready to help.
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