Success Story: Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield is a global leader in commercial real estate services. The firm has 43,000 employees in more than 60 countries. Mark Powell, Operations Director, is responsible for the business adoption of the Workday® system, heading the Company’s CRM Project Rollout across EMEA.

How would you explain your experience with a large change project?

The adoption of such a large global change program has given me a lot of new experiences. The change that we have had to deal with in the business that really stood out for me was an underestimation of the impact that the  introduction of new technologies would have.
User training and point-of-need support were fundamental in ensuring users were confident with using the software. We identified the ADOPT platform to help us to proactively and reactively deal with change issues.

“With ADOPT, our business can now start to measure the value of the change effort and investment in technology.

– Mark Powell – Director of Operations (EMEA) Cushman & Wakefield

If you could start again would you do anything differently?

I would put more emphasis on managing change at all levels of the business. Specifically, understanding the impact that it would have to the individual business processes. I would invest more time in change management and look earlier at how technology could support change.

I would have engaged ADOPT from the beginning of the project, so change management was built into every process that we were putting forward.
This would make sure that we addressed the user impact as we were designing the solution. Building support and integrating it with Workday® would have given us a much smoother business transition.

Do you see potential uses for ADOPT in other areas of the business?

I like the idea of using the ADOPT platform because it is agnostic to any type of cloud technology. It gives our users a consistent way of getting the support that they need. The ability to provide a consistent support experience to the end user, and to push messaging at the point-of-need is powerful, as users aren’t bombarded with unnecessary communications and get the support when needed.

We have used ADOPT for our ERP and compliance systems, and are now looking to introduce it as we roll out a CRM solution. Video consumption data highlighted strong user engagement with content and identified areas of focus for different audiences within the company. Since the launch of ADOPT there have been 532 days of continuous training delivered and 3,726 hours of content viewed.