Success Story: Siemens

Siemens AG is a German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate headquartered in Berlin and Munich. Its subsidiaries employ around 360,000 people across nearly 190 countries.

Siemens rolled out SAP SuccessFactors to their global workforce in 2009, under the project name ‘4Success’. With a population of over 150,000,  there were a lot of challenges around how best to position, train and utilize an enterprise HCM solution. In addition to the sheer scale of the project, local data management requirements, and technical access differences sat alongside the introduction of new processes and governance, all of which required a staged roll-out and continual reinforcement of its value to both the business and individual users.

Siemens were first introduced to ADOPT and realized  the benefits AppLearn’s unique approach to delivering value at the point of use could deliver.Using ADOPT’s Core Analytics, Siemen’s identified the processes where users would encounter the most difficulty. These centred on the Performance Management and Recruitment processes where line managers had a more complex role to fulfil and getting it right, to the correct level of quality, was proving a challenge.

ADOPT helped the diverse Siemens workforce use SAP SuccessFactors more effectively, meaning it takes less time to complete tasks.

– Fraser Shearer – Global Lead & Internal Consultant for Talent Management

AppLearn developed 32 tutorials that helped explain and support the completion of key processes. AppLearn was able to integrate messages around the value of planning and delivering well-structured performance  discussions and adhering to the recruitment processes, to higher the right candidates in a timely manner.

The tutorials were produced in English and German, the key business languages of Siemens. This helped users to better understand what they were being asked to do, and also encouraged adoption by using relevant and contextual messaging.

Since launching ADOPT, over 176,000 minutes of content has been viewed by Siemens employees. This equates to 367 man days of training. For new joiners to the business, the tutorials provide an immediate source of training and messaging assistance, helping them to understand the Siemens approach to Performance Management and Recruiting. This accelerated the completion of meaningful personal objectives while ensuring all employees become operationally effective quicker; a very significant saving when considered across some 30,000 new joiners a year.