Use case: Supporting multiple applications across multiple countries

Cushman & Wakefield is a global leader in commercial real estate services, utilizing a variety of cloud-based technologies to support their global workforce and internal processes. Cushman & Wakefield originally had 16,000 employees before merging with DTZ, resulting in a total of over 47,000 employees in more than 60 countries.

What challenges arose?

The merger between Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ created an enormous amount of change within the organization. At the time of the merger,  Cushman & Wakefield was also undertaking a Workday implementation which further amplified the rapid change within the organization,  completely altering tasks, processes, and culture.

While some of Cushman & Wakefield’s employees were technologically savvy, the vast majority of users were not familiar with cloud-based tools.  As a result, numerous user adoption challenges arose within Workday, leading to a massive spike in support tickets and costs.

In addition to the challenging Workday implementation, Cushman & Wakefield also rolled out Salesforce in their North American offices. The Salesforce implementation failed to meet expectations and struggled to enable enterprise-wide change, resulting in a significantly lower ROI than initially predicted.

How were the challenges tackled?

The leading Digital Adoption Platform, ADOPT, was implemented to support the entire Cushman & Wakefield workforce, providing next-generation  training and support that accelerated the onboarding process and significantly improved user adoption.

ADOPT was brought into the projects to help support the extreme change that was occurring internally.

ADOPT for Workday

Thanks to ADOPT, Cushman & Wakefield were able to put together training and communications that would facilitate the change for all their  employees.

ADOPT provided tailored Workday support to every Cushman & Wakefield employee, supporting the mixture of competencies and skills. Additionally, prior to implementing ADOPT, there was a lack of process in place to correctly measure KPI’s and the success of the project.

Previously Cushman & Wakefield gauged success by inaccurately measuring support requests. However, once Cushman & Wakefield started utilizing the advanced real-time analytics within ADOPT, accurate measures of KPI’s, support and success were available.

The analytics found that Cushman & Wakefield overachieved on their support ticket reduction target by 135.6%.

ADOPT for Salesforce

Following the failed launch of Salesforce in North America, Cushman & Wakefield hit the reset button, implementing a new collaborative approach within EMEA utilizing the ADOPT platform to support Salesforce Lightning.

Having seen ADOPT’s success in achieving workforce adoption of Workday, Cushman wanted to roll ADOPT out across their Salesforce application. The ADOPT platform was utilized prior to the launch of Salesforce Lightning,  providing support and communications that ensured users were ready to fully utilize the software from day one.

The consumption of both training and support content has been fantastic, accelerating the change management process.

Throughout the projects, ADOPT’s content had over 394k views, critical pieces of content included the 2018 Year-End Performance Review support, which saw 29k views and the 2019 Goal Setting support, which saw 16k views.

ADOPT has supported a massive behavioral change within Cushman & Wakefield, enabling a self-service culture that ensures users have the necessary support, increasing the speed to value from the investment in technology.