The barriers during a digital transformation

Blog article | By Anthony Wolny, June 29, 2018


International Data Corporation (IDC) published their Designing Tomorrow white paper which focuses on digital transformation (DX).

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.

For this White Paper, IDC conducted a survey of over 1,000 companies across America, Asia and Europe.

In this survey, IDC stated 73% of businesses will be out of business if they don’t transform.

IDC identified the top considerations that need addressing when embarking on a DX.

This survey talks to the main barriers to a successful DX and the KPIs being used to measure this success.

IDC found that technology was one of the lesser barriers organizations face when implementing a DX. Instead, the main barriers are issues with leadership, knowledge, culture and people.

The survey found that 47.9% of organizations see improved productivity as their main KPI and 35.5% see ROI as their primary KPI.

Gartner stated in their 2015 study, Future Trends: Future Look at SaaS in the Application Markets, that 75% of DX projects don’t deliver their intended value. This poses the question, what are the critical success factors of realizing these KPIs?

The AppLearn approach:

As a global leader in enterprise digital adoption with over a decade of experience working with leading brands, we have made groundbreaking discoveries.

These discoveries have been momentous for the industry and have transformed the way digital adoption is tackled.

AppLearn has been pioneering the way in the DX industry, uncovering multiple adoption issues that no one else has found. We created ADOPT the only end-to-end Digital Adoption Platform to solve these issues.

We’re the only company in the industry to offer a comprehensive solution to all of the barriers to change.

From early in our existence, we’ve had the belief that software is only a small part of digital adoption.

Our approach at AppLearn is to look at software adoption holistically. As such we have established various critical success factors. These include the adoption of a change in strategy, culture, behavior, process, skills and the technology itself of course.

Our model, The 6 Pillars of Digital Adoption depicts this approach.

 6 pillars of digital adoption


The creation of ADOPT:

When we created ADOPT, the game-changing Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), we ensured that we focused on providing solutions to these barriers.

The modules in ADOPT also offer greater enterprise-wide communication and integration into new systems.

ADOPT offers modules such as Split-Screen which provides users with on-demand in-application training allowing users to work and learn simultaneously.

The My Team module provides access to team information all in one location offering you the ability to manage everyone.

Another key feature ADOPT provides to tackle digital adoption barriers is the ability to measure usage and see analytics.

The Core Analytics module identifies the gaps in your adoption and defines goals for what people need help with and how they can integrate better.

Core Analytics allows you to measure and monitor participation as well as also giving you the option to intervene.

The Advanced Analytics module ADOPT provides also gives you even more measurement options allowing you to track and measure your adoption ROI.

The previously mentioned barriers are all too common among DX, and for this exact reason, AppLearn created ADOPT.

ADOPT has the sole purpose of assisting enterprises through these transitions and ensures they’re prepared to fully digitally transform.

We have been leading the digital adoption industry for years now, providing end-to-end support for some of the worlds most recognized enterprises.

These IDC findings have not only supported our position as industry leaders but have also reinforced the hard work we put into ADOPT.



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Barriers to digital transformation

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