The Workday® adoption battles a Digital Adoption Platform can help you overcome

Blog article | By Anthony Wolny, March 14, 2019

At times it may feel like an uphill battle enabling Workday® adoption.

Workday® provides organizations with fantastic benefits that can make a huge difference in the competitive landscape.

But, to capitalize on these benefits, you need to ensure you’re tackling these major battles to successful digital adoption.

Technology is the easy part, it’s the people part that becomes challenging.”

Matt Burns, Global HR Executive and Founder of the Global HR Collective

By implementing a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), you can support employees and overcome these fundamental barriers, ensuring your workforce adopts a new way of working.

A quick introduction to Digital Adoption Platforms

A Digital Adoption Platform is a technology platform that allows companies to measure, impact and sustain high user adoption of their technology portfolio.”

Andrew Barlow, Director, Product Strategy, AppLearn

In short, a Digital Adoption Platform is a technology that supports users in adopting a new digital way of working.

Click here for a look into what a Digital Adoption Platform can achieve, its history and the challenges they overcome.

Battle 1 – New Hires

Providing initial training at the start of your Workday® implementation is an excellent start to support the onboarding process.

But, what support is available six months later, one year later, or two years later?

Digital transformation is not a quick project.

You need to plan for the future; most SaaS contracts last around three years. Because of this, you need to have a roadmap in place that prepares for the entire journey from start to finish, as well as taking into account bi-yearly software updates.

You can’t continue to rely on a week of intense classroom training and webinars.

Taking every new hire out the workplace for a week to onboard them onto Workday® isn’t sustainable.

Instead, by utilizing a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday®, you can ensure the same level of support that was available at the start of the projects is available for new hires.

A Digital Adoption Platform provides users with training and support directly within Workday®, removing the need to take new hires from the workplace to onboard them onto Workday®.

Battle 2 – An on-the-go workforce

The workplace has rapidly changed in recent years; employees are a lot more mobile, work remotely,  and across different time-zones.

Supporting mobile employees through Workday ® adoption issues is increasingly challenging, as when someone is working from home or on the go, it takes a lot longer to reach a resolution.

The global mobile workforce is expected to rise from the current 1.45 billion to 1.87 billion by 2022.”

Strategy Analytics

How does a Digital Adoption Platform resolve this issue?

A DAP ensures employees have tier 0 support, allowing them to self-serve their own success.

Whether an employee is working on the train, in the office or at home, a Digital Adoption Platform ensures each employee has the same level of support regardless of their location.

Battle 3 – The over-utilization of your IT help desk

We went into our HR transformation project, less concerned about the technology impact and more concerned about the process change and implications to our employees.”

John Hampton, Director, HR Systems, UPS

If employees are struggling to adapt to new processes and tasks your IT help desk will become the destination of choice for support if you do not have a Digital Adoption Platform in place.

The rise in support tickets will not only over-burden your IT help desk, but it will also lead to an increase in training and support costs.

If employees are struggling to utilize the software to its full potential, it’s because of internal barriers within the organization.

In short, a DAP can help you overcome those barriers by providing employees with the necessary bespoke support at the point of need.


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