What are the risks associated with poor user adoption during your digital transformation?

Blog article | By Anthony Wolny, August 8, 2018

Successful user adoption is a KPI everyone wants to have but, most fail to achieve it.

39% of employees are frustrated with their workplace technology.

This statistic emphasises the issue, people don’t understand how to use your technology!

Poor user adoption leads to a variety of potential risks that can be detrimental for your digital transformation.

Unrealised benefits

Poor user adoption can strip away the value of your digital transformation.

If your people can’t utilize the software how will the benefits ever be fully realised?

Every delayed task or support ticket caused by poor user adoption costs you time and budget.

This in turn, impacts how quickly if at all you’ll reach the full potential of your investment.

To achieve a successful ROI, you need your employees to use your software.

72% of managers believe user adoption is the key.” – UXPRO

But, you won’t achieve successful adoption without supporting your employees.

Offering on-demand support cuts costs while also increasing user adoption.

Lower productivity

Forbes stated that the underutilisation of technology significantly reduces productivity.

If Employees run into issues they must rely on IT help desks and wait for their support tickets to be answered.

Employees don’t only waste their time but, the average support ticket costs $16 and reaches upwards of $50.

Every unnecessary support ticket throws away budget.

You need an end-to-end solution that doesn’t only train employees ensuring successful user adoption but also provides support throughout their journey.

This increases productivity while also reducing the unnecessary workload placed on your IT help desk.

Increased employee turnover

Replacing an employee can cost 50%-60% of their annual salary.

The cost of finding new employees can be huge, it takes both significant time and budget.

Because of this, you want to keep employee turnover as low as possible.

But, poor user adoption can significantly impact your employee retention.

If your users can’t use your system, frustration will rise and people can take only so much.

With 60% of millennials being open to new job opportunities while in their current position, brand loyalty is a thing of the past.

This means that if your employees can’t fulfil a task as simple as using the system you could be unknowingly pushing them away.

If you want to maintain high retention you need to provide a work environment where people can thrive.

System failure and support tickets are unacceptable.


To find out how you can support user adoption click below and read our blog, Have you Thought About your User Adoption Strategy?

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