What’s the role of your IT help desk in your DX project?

Blog article | By Anthony Wolny, May 30, 2018

Forgive us for starting out with a very blunt question, is your IT help desk an asset or an overhead that drains your resources?

Service desks don’t come cheap and, therefore, most large organizations monitor their performance.

Management jumps on statistics that are easy to benchmark: numbers of open tickets, ticket handle time, even customer satisfaction.

The focus becomes driving down the cost per ticket

As service desks are labor intensive, approximately 70% of the cost is in salaries, benefits and training.

Figures from the USA show the average cost per ticket in 2016 was almost $16, but, that figure hides a huge amount of variation with a maximum approaching $50.

Hopefully, the answer to our original question was that your IT service desk makes a positive contribution.

It should support the utilization of technology that enables your business to thrive.

But, when you’re starting out on the road to digital transformation, you may find that the service desk slips into a non-productive mode.

We’re not suggesting that your staff might be taking things easy

What’s more likely is that as new software is introduced,  they’re bombarded with support calls.

This, in turn, means that their energies are spent ‘solving’ the same issue for user after user.

When an organization is undertaking a major project, with considerable investment, surely the last thing it needs is to be doing is spending where it’s unnecessary.

An IT service desk shouldn’t have the role of helping users get to grips with changing technology.

It’s for genuine technical issues. When used well, it’ll be an asset to a DX project, not a cost that makes it overrun the budget.

The answer is to take the strain off the service desk by using effective adoption software.

This software supports users and highlights where things are on track and where extra resources are required.

Users enjoy the power of discovery, working their way towards a solution.

They don’t enjoy waiting for a service ticket to make its way to the top of the pile.

With Digital Adoption Platform’s like ADOPT, IT service desks such as Service Now can become real supporters of the digital transformation journey.

You can use them to monitor the processes and systems performance.

They can concentrate on managing the IT assets of the organization and they can take the lead in coordinating responses to incidents.

We need to move away from the idea that service desks are the go-to instructor for new software.

It’s time we saw it as the function that unites the users, processes and technology that drive business success.

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