Microwave and change management aren’t often used in the same sentence, but trust me it is not a lexical mistake.

Let me explain the parallel.

To meet timeframes and deadlines during digital transformation projects, organizations are continuing to rush their change management efforts.

Similar to how you would use a microwave when you’re in a rush to quickly heat a meal, it may be a quick fix, but it’s never going to be the same quality as a home-cooked meal.

Haste makes waste

We recently had Shawn Fitzgerald, Global Research Director, DX Strategies, IDC, on our podcast to discuss digital transformation.

Shawn gave a perfect explanation of the microwave comparison,

“Take any large meal as an analogy; if you’re having a big meal that has a lot of courses, there will be a bunch of preparation required.

This is analogous to what enterprise change management involves.

There’s a lot of complexity and moving parts, and as I tell people, I can microwave that large meal and get it out very quickly to meet a timeline or a deadline, but it’s nothing you’re ever going to want to eat.

There’s a reason that things take as long as they take.”

What can be done?

Organizations need to stop shoehorning technology into their business.

The conversation needs to move from, “how can we get people to adopt this new technology” and instead move to “how do we help these people adopt the new behaviors technology creates.”

Digital adoption has the biggest impact on ROI.

It takes time for people to change the way they work, and because of this, a greater focus needs to be placed on change management.

You can’t try to cram information into your employees right before the Go-Live.

Instead, by investing in long-term change management you can support employees continuously ensuring they adopt a new way of working.

Modern support tools can be implemented to ensure users have continuous, on-demand support, completely removing the need to microwave your change effort weeks before the launch.

To watch the full podcast with Shawn Fitzgerald, click below.

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