With the recent surge of digital transformation projects, a vast number of prominent buzzwords have begun to gain mass popularity.

One which has gained a huge amount of momentum in the tech community is “Digital adoption.”

For many years digital adoption was left on the back burner as organizations did not understand its importance.

However, recent shifts within the industry have resulted in a greater focus on digital adoption.

What is digital adoption?

While the term has gained a lot of traction, we found that a lot of organizations still have a huge question mark above it.

In its simplest terms,

“Digital Adoption is the consideration of how well digitally powered processes are adopted.”

Andrew Barlow, Director of Product Strategy, AppLearn

Digital adoption involves a lot more than employees simply logging into the software.

We hear it time and time again, organizations assume they have 100% digital adoption because all their employees logged into the system.

This is a common misconception, just because employees are in the system does not mean they are fully utilizing it.

How can organizations ensure digital adoption?

As previously stated, achieving digital adoption involves far more than just getting users onto the system.

To truly achieve digital adoption there are multiple factors that need supporting.

Over the last decade, AppLearn has created a Six Pillars to Digital Adoption methodology that identifies the critical areas you as an organization must support.

The Six Pillars of Digital Adoption:

Strategy: Is your digital transformation a change in strategy for the organization and the employees?

Culture: Does your digital transformation create a change in culture and how things are done?

Behavior: Will the project require people to embrace new responsibility and accountability?

Process: Will the transformation change existing processes or introduce new processes?

Skills: Does the transformation require your users to learn new skills to execute tasks?

By identifying and supporting these pillars, you can ensure that employees have all the necessary tools needed to adopt a new digital way of working.

What tools are available to help?

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is the perfect tool to support organizations.

Digital adoption is in the name, and a DAP does as it says, it is a platform that specializes in supporting digital adoption.

A Digital Adoption Platform provides next-generation, on-demand training and communications directly within your cloud-based technology.

No longer do employees have to rely on costly and timely IT help desks; instead, users are able to self-serve their own support, maximizing the value from your investment.

By providing employees with the necessary digital support directly at the point of need, you can ease the change process and ensure that the fundamental pillars are met.


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