Lumesse Adoption Platform

ADOPT for Lumesse supports the entire digital transformation process from pre-hire to succession planning.

Provide training tailored to the user’s role, language and location directly within Lumesse, ensuring your workforce makes the most out of the software maximizing user adoption and ROI.

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Discover the benefits of ADOPT for Lumesse

  • Maximize user adoption by utilizing next-generation forms of training and support
  • Promote feature updates within Lumesse with ADOPT’s in-application communications
  • Strategically enhance your support by utilizing ADOPT’s real-time analytics
Discover ADOPT's benefits

How leading organizations are utilizing ADOPT for Lumesse

“To support IHG’s launch of the Lumesse application we went live with the ADOPT platform which saw a 97% utilization of support content from the first month.”
Liz Smith, Global Resourcing Analyst, IHG

The ADOPT platform supported IHG throughout their Lumesse project, ensuring their workforce had the necessary training and support to maximize the value from their investment.

ADOPT is the only end-to-end Digital Adoption Platform that supports Lumesse.
Built around the modern learner, ADOPT ensures employees have the support needed for a
successful digital transformation.

See how ADOPT can help your enterprise organization.

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