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Continuous training and communications are vital to ensuring a successful and sustainable project. If the necessary support is not in place, support costs will rise and user adoption will drop as digital transformation is a never-ending journey due to the challenges presented by quarterly software updates and new hires.

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Update, improve and
with Post-Go-Live training and support

To tackle the challenges of SaaS solutions and a modern workforce, you must ensure the necessary training and support is always available for your workforce.

By investing in Post-Go-Live training, you can ensure the software is continually used to its full potential, ensuring a sustainable and successful digital transformation.

What it can do for you

Our Digital Adoption Platform, ADOPT, optimizes your digital transformation project by providing on-demand training directly within the application, supporting users through continuous change.

By utilizing ADOPT’s suite of modules you can communicate changes created by software updates while simultaneously providing the necessary support.

ADOPT also provides an analytics module, tracking system usage, content consumption, and employee pain points, allowing you to strategically update and improve your support.

Measure user adoption
with Core Analytics

Measure user adoption and engagement with your technology while also analyzing how users navigate the application, allowing you to strategically improve their experience.

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Measure readiness for
with Feedback

Use the Feedback module to gain critical insights into your workforce allowing you to measure their readiness for change and strategically evolve your support.

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In-application support
with Trails

Guide employees through ever-changing processes directly within the application, accelerating task completion, maximizing user adoption and increasing data.

One seamless cloud platform designed to help users adopt your digital transformation initiative.
Built around the modern learner, connect and upskill users so they are prepared to embrace your new business transformation and the tools and processes that come with it.

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