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Real-time adoption analytics. Data-driven decision making. View adoption across your business, act on it, and measure the results.

  • Reduce help desk tickets and training costs
  • Help users adapt to frequent software updates and system changes
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ADOPT for Post-Go-Live

Optimize your digital transformation project

Track content consumption real time and identify trends to see what training and communications are working for you. Prove project success measuring against KPI’s.

Optimize ADOPT data along with system usage data and support ticket data. Identify change and process understanding gaps and intervene with targeted communications in real time.

Results that matter with ADOPT


Increase in compliance figures across the business

Since we've rolled out AppLearn® training we've seen a much higher compliance in terms of speed to completion.

Lynne Anderson, HR Specialist, Ahlstrom

ADOPT has modules to support the user journey from end-to-end

Fulfilling the need for on-demand support with ease. A multi-app software platform, designed to help users at the point of need.

ADOPT makes business software simple, straight-forward and smarter, with a suite of in-app and out of app tools, that deliver and guide a user’s journey through any SaaS application.

Real-time adoption analytics, data driven decision making

ADOPT’s Core and Advanced Analytics modules are accessible through ADOPT’s admin portal and have a user-friendly interface so you can view important analytics from your global workforce’s interaction with your suite of SaaS technologies.

These modules let you view and optimize content consumption data from ADOPT data along with system usage data and support ticket data. Identify change and process understanding gaps and improve.

Learn and understand your employees opinion on new software with ADOPT Polls

Understand collective opinion by creating polls designed to identify common understanding, perception or feeling towards software, processes and projects.

Share polls internally, by integrating them into your applications or intranet, or externally, to improve your external facing information.


Build powerful rules and actions to deliver content with ADOPT Automation

ADOPT Automation gives you the power to create rules by which to deliver content, such as time, usage or events, and reduce the need for manual interventions.

Identify performance issues and missing skills with ADOPT and set rules to help users be successful. Automate everything from system updates and training delivery to company-wide messages and important notices.

One seamless cloud platform designed to help users ADOPT your digital transformation initiative. Built around the modern learner, connect and upskill users so they are prepared to embrace your new business transformation and the tools and processes that come with it.

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