Salesforce Adoption Platform

Ensure your users are utilizing Salesforce to its full potential with ADOPT, the leading Digital Adoption Platform.

ADOPT supports employees with on-demand training and communications directly within Salesforce, ensuring users can focus on sales, increasing both efficiency and data accuracy.

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Discover the benefits
of ADOPT for Salesforce

  • Support employees directly at the point of need, increasing data accuracy and allowing your sales team to close deals faster
  • Locate user-specific training pain points to strategically improve your support ensuring users can focus on sales and not admin
  • Meet KPI’s and sales objectives by providing training and support tailored to each team member
Discover ADOPT's benefits

How leading organizations
are utilizing
ADOPT for Salesforce

“The dashboard allows me to directly measure the impact of actions designed to impact adoption and engagement.”
Lotta Höjman, Learning and Leadership Development Manager, Telia Company

The ADOPT platform supported TeliaSonera throughout their Salesforce project, ensuring their workforce had the necessary training and support to maximize the value from their investment.

ADOPT is the only end-to-end Digital Adoption Platform that supports Salesforce.
Built around the modern learner, ADOPT ensures employees have the support needed for a
successful digital transformation.

See how ADOPT can help your enterprise organization.

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