Digital Adoption Platform for the Enterprise

  • Maximize your value per licence with support on-demand
  • Accelerate the speed to value from your investment in cloud technology
  • Reduce your training and support costs, improving workforce performance
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  1. What stage are you at in your HCM/CRM/ERP or Finance project?

    Pre Go-Live

    You are ready to begin your project and achieve change excellence

    Go Live

    You are about to go-live and want to achieve Launch Excellence

    Post Go-Live

    Your project has gone live and you want to achieve Operational Excellence

  2. What area of the project do you own/support?

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Support across multiple business applications

Organizations are investing heavily in digital technologies to underpin their various business functions. ADOPT works across all of your applications improving user adoption.

  • Provide consistent, on-demand training and communications
  • Enhance ROI by reducing training and support costs
  • Improve user adoption with advanced software analytics

Advanced user adoption analytics

User adoption is critical to achieving high ROI in digital transformation. ADOPT’s analytics give you the critical insights you need to enhance the value of your investment.

  • Target and resolve specific user adoption challenges
  • Identify opportunities to gain more value from your technology
  • Demonstrate sustained user adoption and value
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Six pillars of successful digital adoption

Digital transformation has the biggest impact on our people. It’s our people that need to adopt digital change and not the other way around.

The software is only a small part of digital transformation, changes in strategy, culture, behaviors, processes and skills are of much greater importance.

Achieving high user adoption requires people to embrace all aspects of digital change.

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