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Maximize customer success from day one with AppLearn®’s leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), ADOPT.

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Leverage AppLearn®’s leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), ADOPT, to maximize your service offering. With ADOPT you can enable customer success from day one of your project, helping sustain success and positive adoption outcomes throughout the business lifecycle.

  • Automate onboarding across your workforce
  • Improve user efficiency
  • Enable effective process engagement
  • Maximize data quality
  • Reduce ongoing support tickets through a Tier 0 support solution
  • Enable true self-service

Partner types

Premium Partners
Integrate ADOPT into your service offering to maximize customer success while adding incremental revenue to your bottom line.

Referral Partners
Offer an innovative user adoption solution to your customers to ensure project success through positive user adoption from day 1.

Technology Partners
Integrate the ADOPT product into your technology suite to improve customer onboarding, maximize utilization and maximize client success and retention.

  • Increase market share
  • Achieve revenue growth
  • Maximize your value proposition
  • Improve client success
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
Referral Partners

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Built around the modern learner, connect and upskill users so they are prepared to embrace your new business transformation and the tools and processes that come with it.

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