SAP Ariba Adoption Platform

To simplify the procurement process, sales cycle and cash control, digital adoption is critical.

ADOPT for SAP Ariba is the leading Digital Adoption Platform, providing bespoke training and support directly within the application, ensuring user proficiency and data integrity.

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Discover the benefits
of ADOPT for SAP Ariba

  • Accelerate user onboarding with bespoke training and support directly within SAP Ariba
  • Update employees on software changes by utilizing ADOPT’s in-application and out-of-application communications
  • Next-generation support at every stage of your SAP Ariba project, accelerating end-user confidence
Discover ADOPT's benefits

How leading organizations
are utilizing
SAP Ariba

“ADOPT helped us to embed a self-service culture into our organization allowing employees to take ownership of supporting their own processes.”
Leo Espindola, Product Manager, Electrolux

The ADOPT platform supported Electrolux throughout their digital transformation project, ensuring their workforce had the necessary training and support to maximize the value from their investment.

ADOPT is the only end-to-end Digital Adoption Platform that supports SAP Ariba.
Built around the modern learner, ADOPT ensures employees have the support needed for a successful digital transformation.

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